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Fireshine Games
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July 1, 2022 (Calendar)
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For those who are sensitive to light, flashing lights, and/or loud and sudden sounds, this game might not be for you. 

Silt is a very surreal and eerie underwater exploration game where players must solve puzzles as they travel completely alone in the dark and unforgiving abyss. You take on the life of a deep diver in search of long-forgotten mysteries that may lie beneath the surface. To solve some of the puzzles, you will not only need to use your wit, but you will need to possess powerful and wise sea monsters that lurk in the deep. Slowly but surely, you will travel deeper and deeper into the water, reminding yourself that every second you get further and further from those on land who could save you. 

On your journey, you will come across interesting and never-before-seen creatures that have evolved to be able to see in the extreme and almost endless darkness that surrounds you. You will come across mysterious ruins to explore and even ancient machinery to uncover and study. 

Developer Quote

Survive encounters with giant deep-sea goliaths. Harness their power to awaken a long-dormant force at the centre of the abyss.