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Alterego Games
Stickylock Studios
PC, PlayStation 4
Release Date
March 23, 2021 (Calendar)
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Indie developer Alterego Games presents Sanity of Morris, a psychological horror which combines the elements of stealth with a detective-adventure game. 

Play as Jonathan Morris, who heads to the small town of Greenlake to check in on his disturbed father. When he arrives, however, noting is as he expected it to be, with an unseen force manipulating events and causing Jonathan to question the nature of reality around him.

Combing detective-elements where you must search for hidden clues to find your father, and spine-tingling stealth sections where you must avoid the monsterous beings, Sanity of Morris has you discover your version of the truth; is it all in your head? Or is something more sinister involved? Will you be able to avoid detection long enough, or will you truly lose your mind? 

Sanity of Morris is available for PC, the PlayStation 4, and Linux systems.