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October 12, 2013 (Calendar)
Simulation, RPG
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Rune Factory 4 is the continuation of the acclaimed Rune Factory series, which combines RPG elements with a farming simulator that is reminiscent of Harvest Moon

Set in the land of Selphia, the world is ruled by the Dragon Ventuswill. After the player falls from the sky and landing on the back of a friendly dragon. Begin your life anew as the designated ruler of a castle, develop your own town, explore nearby dungeons, and begin cultivating the soil for yourself. Play through a storyline with a diverse cast of characters, grow crops and raise monsters, and craft powerful weapons and armor to fight off evil at every turn!

Rune Factory 4 also has a remaster available, called Rune Factory 4 Special, which adds a new difficulty mode, updated cutscenes, and Newlywed mode, which is a special standalone story designed to cater to your character and their chosen spouse.

Rune Factory 4 Special is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The original Rune Factory is available for the Nintendo 3DS.  

Developer Quote

-Grow crops, raise monsters, catch fish, cook up tasty dishes, and craft powerful equipment. Live your life however you choose!

-Become friends (or more than friends) with a charming and interactive cast of characters, and breathe life into the village with seasonal festivals and competitions.

-Play through a special story alongside your spouse in the brand-new Newlywed Mode, and fall in love with your favorites all over again! (Rune Factory 4 Special Only)

-If you're a Rune Factory 4 fanatic, challenge yourself with a new difficulty mode.

-Enjoy new in-game cutscenes, colorful CG illustrations, and an updated opening sequence.