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Erupting Avocado
Erupting Avocado
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September 17, 2021 (Calendar)
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Experience a horror game unlike any other with The Repairing Mantis, from indie developer Erupting Avocado.

The Repairing Mantis is a narrative horror game where you play a Mantis, who interacts with multiple creatures and objects in a macabre way. Meet a squirrel who tries to fly, an alligator with an existential crisis, a broken bridge, and more. Explore the eerie world casually, and deal with disturbing, violent, and sometimes traumatizing topics such as suicide, depression, and self-harm. With a short 1 hour playtime, you can go through the game again to see more, or to possibly unlock one of its two endings.

The Repairing Mantis is available for the PC. 


Developer Quote

The Repairing Mantis makes you experience the violent nightmare of an insect. A squirrel tries to fly. An alligator is going through an existential crisis. A bridge is broken.

As a praying mantis, you explore an eerie world, meet animals, collect dreams, and make impactful decisions.
Features :
- Play as a praying mantis
- Exploration game with casual mechanics
- Interactive story with 2 different endings
- Disturbing, violent, and poetic story
- Meet depressing squirrels
- Playtime of about 1h