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Wormwood Studios
Wadjet Eye Games
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October 28, 2012 (Calendar)
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A point-and-click cyberpunk adventure by Wadjet Eye games, Primorida is the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a robot that values independence and its own solitude. Horatio, along with this robotic companion Crispin, is embroiled within a conflict where their peaceful lifestyle is threatened by a rogue robot stealing their energy sources. 

Guide Horatio and Crispin around the city of Metropol, but get involved in a plot where you slowly come to understand the nature of yourself and the origins of the legendary humans that walked the earth before the rise of machines.

Featuring classic point-and-click gameplay, Primordia is a game steeped in classic gameplay, filled with quirky characters, unique mysteries, and plenty of puzzles to solve in a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Primordia is available for PC, Linux, and iOS devices. 

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Key Features

An epic storyline about the extinction of the human race
Voiceover work starring fan-favorite Logan Cunningham
Gorgeous post-apocalyptic setting
Optional puzzles - learn more about the world the more you play