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Phoenix Point is a spiritual successor to the X-COM games. In 2022, melting permafrost causes the Pandoravirus to be unleashed on the world. Scientists are initially excited by this find as the virus only matches 1% of our DNA, all but confirming some sort of alien origin.

Unfortunately for us humans, the virus spreads to the oceans and eventually goes airborne, killing the majority of mankind and unleashing hellish mutant aliens on the world. The Phoenix Project is then activated as a force to protect the last bastions of humanity in Phoenix Point.

From the Phoenix Point website:

Deep, Strategic Gameplay

It takes more than a steady gun hand and tactical expertise to build a global movement. The Geoscape is where you’ll plan missions, construct bases, research new tech, discover points of interest, and engage in diplomacy — or conquest.

Challenging Foes

Apart from the overwhelming alien swarm, you’ll face intense boss fights against gigantic monsters that have a wide variety of abilities. Outflank them with tactical brilliance, and use targeting of individual body parts to disable them when you can.

A Mutating World

The Pandoravirus can mutate living forms, and it can incorporate DNA from multiple species. You will face an enemy that procedurally mutates and evolves new forms in response to your tactics, ensuring an endless variety of challenges during gameplay. Mutate your own troops, too — but how much of their humanity are you willing to sacrifice to gain power?

2022 – The Pandoravirus Unleashed

An unusual virus discovered in melting permafrost excites the scientific community. It has a massive genome, and only 1% of its genes match anything in existing databases.

"What the hell is going on with the other genes?" asks researcher Jean-Michel Moreau. "This opens a Pandora’s box. What kinds of discoveries are going to come from studying the contents?"

Later in the decade, the seas transform into something totally alien. Then the mutagens begin to invade the land via an airborne microbial mist.

2047 – Present Day

The human population has been decimated. Survivors gather in isolated havens spread throughout the world. A few factions control most of the havens and resources, but they have radically contrasting ideologies and guard deep secrets.

The Phoenix Project Rises

The Phoenix Project is a worldwide organization designed to be activated when the world is in peril. You control one cell, gathering some of the world’s best scientists, engineers and soldiers. After your cell is activated, you realize that you have no contact with any other cells. You need to find out what happened to them.

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