Julian Gollop's Phoenix Point Becomes Epic Store Timed Exclusive

03/12/2019 - 16:09 | By: Austin Suther
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The creator of XCOM's newest game, Phoenix Point, was expected to drop on Steam later this year. Now, Julian Gollop announced that this highly-anticipated title is going to be a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store.

Gollop assures the public that this partnership is a big deal for Phoenix Point's development, and that developer Snapshot Games will "be able to update and expandthe game into the foreseeable future.


Phoenix Point is a crowdfunded title from Fig.co. Gollop says that anyone who has backed or pre-ordered this title on their main website will get a free year of DLC. This means that there will definitely be extra content coming post-launch, and at no extra price for those who stuck with the game since its early days.


The company is also offering a full refund for unsatisfied customers. On the other hand, Phoenix Point will launch in unison with its Epic Games Store debut. Those who were planning on playing it on consoles won't have to wait an extra year for it to move off the Epic Games Store.

Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy title that shares many of the same gameplay mechanics as XCOM. You command a squad of soldiers in various levels and can upgrade them as you progress through the game. There's also an overworld element where you pick out and conduct missions via a map of Earth.

You can find Phoenix Point's Epic Games Store listing here. Expect it to drop sometime this year.

Quick Take

This is another big grab for Epic Games. Phoenix Point is a game I think a lot of strategy fans have been waiting for, myself included. And it's from Julian Gollop, an industry veteran. I can understand that there might be some frustration when backers expect this to drop on their preferred platform of choice, but it's great to see Snapshot being courteous and offering refunds.

Are you going to get Phoenix Point at launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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