Orwell's Animal Farm

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The Diarymen
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December 10, 2020 (Calendar)
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A literary classic is brought to life from developer Nerial, with Orwell's Animal Farm

Play through the iconic fable written by George Orwell, itself a parable against the dangers of Communism and totalitarianism. Guide the rebellious animals of Jones' farm through the seasons as they struggle to keep their farm afloat. Encounter iconic characters from the book, from the despotic Napoleon to the hard-working Boxer. Depending on how you play, you may encounter situations close to the events of the book - with pieces of prose lifted directly from the page - or new situations and encounters that can change the fate of Animal Farm forever. 

Will the fate of the animals be those of the book? Play to find out.

Orwell's Animal Farm is available for the PC and mobile devices.