George Orwell's Animal Farm Launches December 10th

Published: November 2, 2020 9:05 AM /


Napoleon scheming in George Orwell's Animal Farm

The upcoming narrative adventure George Orwell's Animal Farm release date has been announced. The Dairymen and Nerial's Orwell adaptation will launch for PC and mobile devices on December 10th.

What is George Orwell's Animal Farm about?

Animal Farm is a videogame adaptation of the classic 1945 social allegory. It comes from Reigns developer Nerial and has the full blessing of the Orwell estate. Nerial describes its game as a "choice-based adventure game" which puts players right at the heart of the novel's allegorical revolution. You'll need to choose which animals to placate and which ones to ignore, but naturally, your choices will have consequences. You can check out the new Animal Farm trailer right here:

Gameplay-wise, you'll be guiding the animals of Manor Farm through seven years of game time. As you do so, you'll need to manage the affairs and emotions of the farm's animals, carefully maintaining relationships and intervening in disputes. Periodically, you'll also be asked to prepare for battle by shoring up the Farm's defences and allocating resources to new buildings. Animal Farm will feature eight different endings, each of which will be altered by your choice of political approach. You can choose from Surveillance, Reeducation, or Bloodbaths, and all three will have different effects on your farm.

What's the pedigree behind Animal Farm?

Nerial's game will feature the voice talents of Assassin's Creed Origins actor Abubakar Salim, who played Bayek in that game and will narrate this one. Nerial's previous works include choice-based narrative adventure Reigns and its Game of Thrones spinoffGeorge Orwell's Animal Farm will be published by The Dairymen, which counts among its personnel Just Flight founder Andy Payne and Bossa Studios founder Imre Jele.

According to Jele, 2020 feels like the right time to bring Animal Farm to the gaming world. He says watching events unfold this year has made bringing the game to new audiences "increasingly vital" and that current events suggest Animal Farm is "not fiction, but reality". Writer Emily Short says gaming is a "powerful" medium for "telling stories about systems and enabling 'what if?' questions". She suggests the themes of the book will be "distressingly recognizable" to gamers living through 2020.

You'll be able to get your hands on George Orwell's Animal Farm on December 10th. It'll be available on PC via Steam as well as on mobile devices.

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