Lego Bricktales

Lego Bricktales Key Art showing off a bunch of buildings that can be built.
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October 12, 2022 (Calendar)
Adventure, Casual
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Lego Bricktales will have you putting together interesting builds such as market stands and music boxes, as well as engaging with physics-based puzzles such as building cranes and gyrocopters. These builds will be used as you meet different Lego minifigures that you'll need to help out. By helping them, you'll unlock new skills as you explore deserts, cities, medieval castles, and Caribbean islands. For all of these places, you'll need to create a unique build that works for that specific place.

During the course of the game, you'll be exploring 5 different Lego biomes as you look for inspiration to help your grandfather rebuild his old amusement park. There will be many puzzles to solve, and they'll use a new brick-by-brick building mechanic.

Lego Bricktales will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles on October 12, 2022.