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Variable State
PC, Xbox One

Last Stop pits you in the shoes of three separate characters, each of which localized in London and undergoing a different story touched by supernatural oddities. John find himself body swapped with someone else, Donna investigates the frequent disappearances of the plentiful conquests of a strange womanizer, and Meena is all no-nonsense.

Where will you be when your home city is struck by supernatural weirdness?

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Last Stop is the new game from Variable State, creators of the award-winning Virginia, and will be published by Annapurna Interactive. The game is a single-player third-person adventure set in present day London, where you play as three separate characters whose worlds collide in the midst of a supernatural crisis. Last Stop is an anthology connecting three stories in one, centered on secret lives, the ties that bind, and how magic can be found in the mundane.