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Serenity Forge
Way Down Deep
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
February 4, 2022 (Calendar)
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A thoughtful indie game, Land of Screens is a classic point-and-click adventure where you try to save your friends from their phones by making them appreciate nature.

Play as Holland, a young woman who recently had her life turned upside down thanks to social media. As Holland, you are on a quest to rescue yourself and your friends from their phones, an addiction to screens, and social status. Guide Holland as she ditches social media for the real world, finds solace in the simple things around her, navigates through awkward conversations, and slowly puts the land of screens behind you.

Land of Screens is available for the PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. 

Developer Quote

A Point-And-Click Adventure of Internet Escapism

Put on your fanciest mingling cap to conquer harrowingly familiar challenges such as:
• Navigating an impromptu party where your only choices of company are strangers—or worse: friends you haven’t seen since high school.
• Meandering through a hotel lobby to force awkward introductions with fellow attendees of a professional conference.
• Making the best of last-minute concert plans where you’ve never heard of the band, been to the venue, or met any of the people you’re there with.
• Family. Reunions.
• Getting your friends excited about doing nature stuff so they can convince other people to start doing nature stuff so you can all spend the day doing nature stuff.

Just Get Everyone to Stop Looking at their Phones… No Problem.