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The Arcade Crew
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
February 6, 2020 (Calendar)
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Kunai pits you in the shoes - or firmware, more appropriately - of Tabby. A sentient tablet who fights the robot uprising of Lemonkus, the evil AI that's responsible for almost completely wiping out the human race. Beat bosses to unlock abilities, tools, and weaponry in this Metroidvania-styled adventure while jamming to a soundtrack rife with 16-bit references. Use your grappling kunai to traverse various platforms and use your ever-expanding arsenal to turn your foes to bits... What's a Skynet, anyway?

Developer Quote

A traumatic event has shaken the balance of the world. Human life has been almost wiped out by the evil A.I. Lemonkus. Robots roam free across the earth. You take control of Tabby, a killer robot infused with the soul of an ancient warrior.

Start out with nothing, progress and increase in strength by killing enemy robots to unlock abilities, weapons and kick-ass ninja tricks. Explore a world filled with secrets, hidden passages and mysterious characters. KUNAI is all about movement and agility. Use your ninja mobility to reach places where no normal robot could ever go.

Explore the different pixel-art environments of KUNAI, each with a minimalistic palette, while Tabby makes cute faces. Use a variety of ninja tricks to move around the world and unleash your deadly arsenal of weapons to fight your way through armies of evil machines, rogue androids, and mindless mechs to maximize your badassness.