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Kunai Review Bomb Combated by Fans

A Kunai review bomb appears to have been the result of one dedicated user exploiting a flaw in Metacritic's registration and voting process. If you're unfamiliar with Kunai, it's a recently-released…

February 19, 2020 | 03:52 EST

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Kunai Review

There's plenty of things that can attract me to a Metroidvania. I'll be honest, it doesn't take much. It's a genre I like by default. One of those things is "cute faces." That's the thing that…

February 6, 2020 | 02:00 EST

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Kunai pits you in the shoes - or firmware, more appropriately - of Tabby. A sentient tablet who fights the robot uprising of Lemonkus, the evil AI that's responsible for almost completely wiping out…

January 28, 2020 | 12:58 EST


Kunai Drew Me In With Cute Faces, Kept Me With Solid Gameplay

I think it was the adorable tablet face that made Kunai catch my eye. This may be the case for a lot of people, but there's just something about that face that is just hilariously adorable. Whatever…

January 26, 2020 | 11:00 EST

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KUNAI Makes Robots Cute and Deadly

The Arcade Crew, which published the excellent Blazing Chrome, has another potential hit under its wing. KUNAI makes a strong case for being the next indie Metroidvania to be excited for. With its…

September 9, 2019 | 12:30 EDT