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Twin Hearts
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September 2, 2021 (Calendar)
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Kitaria Fables is a delightfully cute action-adventure RPG with farming and crafting from indie developer Twin Hearts.

Enter the cute world of Kitaria with the humble folks of Paw Village, and fight the rising tide of darkness as nature begins to become more aggressive and dangerous. Take on the quests of your animal neighbours, fight in real-time combat, explore the world around you, farm and forage from your Uncles home, and craft more powerful weapons and spells to increase your own power against the rising threat.

Players can play Kitaria Fables on their own, or with a friend in a local co-op mode. Join forces to gather what resources you need to craft, farm, and survive as you grow ever stronger. 

Kitaria Fables is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. 

Developer Quote

Welcome to the world of Kitaria - A peaceful land where nature lives in harmony - until now. As the wildlife around Paw Village becomes increasingly aggressive, The Empire has called upon you to investigate and defend its citizens.

Real-time Combat - Wield melee weapons, bows and forge new spells. Kit your loadout in a way which suits your preferred style of battle and craft magic, weapons and armour which compliment your play style.

Learn an Ancient Magic - When an age-old spellbook comes into your possession, use it to learn a kind of magic long-ago outlawed by The Empire - and give you the edge in combat!

Gather, Craft and Farm! - Kitaria is full of resources for you to use to your advantage! Slay monsters for ingredients, plant seeds and tend to your crops for provisions, and gather materials and ores to craft more powerful weapons, armour and accessories.

Make Your Home in Paw Village - Kitaria is full of friendly (and not so friendly!) citizens. Make yourself known to your neighbours and fulfil their requests. The more you bond with your new friends, the more rewards you will receive as your relationships grow!

Local Co-Op Mode – Take on quests solo, or with a friend! Double your firepower and use the freedom of Kitaria Fables' flexible combat system to complement each other's strengths.