The King of Fighters XV

The King of Fighters XV
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February 17, 2022 (Calendar)
Action, Fighting
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With a series that's been running since 1994 and six years since the last title, you'd think that The King of Fighters series has run out of steam. Not so, at least judging by the fact that this series is now receiving its fifteenth title in The King of Fighters XV, which promises a big improvement in graphics, systems, and the online experience.

There will be thirty-nine fighters available at launch, a fairly large number. These range from classic characters from the series and heroes and villains coming back from the dead.

The King of Fighters story will also conclude in this title, so if you've been following the storyline be sure not to miss the ending in The King of Fighters XV

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Transcend beyond your limits with KOF XV!

Since its debut in 1994, the KOF fighting game series has been driving the world to new heights of excitement with its appealing characters and unique game system. Six years have passed since the last title in the series, and now KOF XV surpasses all of its predecessors in terms of graphics, systems, and online experience!