Kathy Rain: Directors Cut

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Clifftop Games
Raw Fury
Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, PC
Release Date
October 26, 2021 (Calendar)
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Kathy Rain: Directors Cut is an expanded version of the original point and click adventure game Kathy Rain, released in 2016 by Clifftop Games. 

Kathy Rain is the story of a young journalism major who is summoned to her hometown of Conwell Springs after the death of her grandfather. While there, a mystery is slowly uncovered, as she delves deep into the dark history of the town and how it personally affects her and her family.

The director's cut of Kathy Rain will include an extended storyline, with 700+ new lines of dialogue with the original cast back recording. There were also added puzzles and areas, and streamlined controls, including controller support for the first time, to name some of the upgrades to this already hefty adventure game. 

Kathy Rain: Directors Cut is available for the PC, Android, Mac, Linux, IOS, and the Nintendo Switch. 

Developer Quote

Original Kathy Rain Features:

A compelling narrative with an eerie plot set in the '90s
Gorgeous pixel art displayed in 40+ hand-drawn environments
4,000+ lines of fully voiced dialogue directed by Wadjet Eye Games' Dave Gilbert
Atmospheric original soundtrack

Director's Cut Introduces:

An extended storyline, including a longer and more satisfying ending and 700+ new lines of dialogue with the original cast
Several new areas to explore with unique puzzles to solve
Streamlined controls with a single-click mouse interface and controller support
Enlarged all game environments for widescreen without black bars on the sides
Extra character animations, improved lighting/shadows and better weather effects
Remixed and expanded soundtrack
Five brand new motorcycle designs to unlock