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Jeff Winner
1C Entertainment
Release Date
April 20, 2020 (Calendar)
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Horror Story: Hallowseed is a single-player, story-driven psychological horror game that takes place in the fictional Hallowseed, a place forgotten by time. Play as Michael, one of three friends who went camping in the woods, only to be separated in the mysterious world of Hallowseed. Michael must find his friends and survive the horrors of Hallowseed.

Horror Story: Hallowseed is designed by indie developer Jeff Winner, who was inspired by more psychological horror films like Insidious and The Conjuring. Winner currently has Hallowseed in early access, with the first build of the game released in July of 2020 for the PC. Planned features include more in-game events and micro-scares, controller support, secret levels, achievements, and localization into different languages.

Players can check out Horror Story: Hallowseed now on PC. 

Developer Quote

The full version will include several other additions and improvements:

Many in-game events / micro-scares will be added, changed or refined based on community’s feedback
In early access, the house is much smaller which consequently causes events to be reduced. In the full version, this house will be 3 times bigger and will give much more content to the player to interact
Secret levels will be added (won’t share much here to avoid spoilers!)
Underground Levels should be considered a special chapter of the game and will be redesigned from scratch
Localization to different languages
New / improved sounds and audio
The AI will be significantly improved and become much more terrifying!
macOS and Linux support
Controller support
The ending will be… well, you will see :) we are not going to share any spoilers here!
Horror Story: Hallowseed will have a dense story, several puzzles and will be really scary!

Key Features:

Story-rich - The player is driven by the story of a village that used to follow God’s way, but an obscure power seduced some of them and condemned them to the darkness. While seeking to save his friends, Michael will uncover what role he plays in all this tragedy.
Atmospheric - Immersive sounding and stunning visuals
Micro-scares system - a random system of… scary events that are activated based on how the player interacts with the environment and will make you jump from your chair (or couch)!
Inspired by Horror Movie Classics: Insidious, The Conjuring and The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Hallowseed is the first chapter in the Horror Story series by Jeff Winner