Harvest Days

Harvest Days
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Family Devs
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May 12, 2022 (Calendar)
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Harvest Days is a mixing of farming, life, and business simulators. As an independent farmer you have your fingers in many pies, and you'll have to tend to your animals, repair your farm, or sow your fields with a variety of crops and plants. It's just not just farming that can be enjoyed, though, as you'll be able to ride through the countryside on horseback, go fishing, or visit nearby towns to make friends and meet new people. 

There's also more than forty activities to do and dozens of wild animals that you may encounter. Exploration may reveal natural caves full of minerals, a temple ruin, or a mysterious swamp. Build your own tools, furniture, and decorations, or whatever else you feel like doing. 

Harvest Days launches on Steam's Early Access program on May 12, 2022.

Developer Quote

A new life in the country is calling! Fulfil your dreams and manage your very own farm in this lovingly designed open-world game. Work hard, manage your business wisely and your little farm might grow into a personal paradise, surrounded by nature.