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Published: March 17, 2022 9:32 AM /


Harvest Days

Toplitz Productions has just announced that they are pushing back the Harvest Days release date from April to May 12, 2022 for its Steam Early Access release, although it's for a good reason: it was apparently a huge hit during Steam's Next Fest, and now new features are being added. The life simulator's new features include controller support, an in-game map, more than 50 additional cultivable crops, electric scooters, and a new desert-biome. Truthfully, some of these things (controller support, in-game map) should probably have been in the release to begin with, so it's a good thing that's been recognized and being worked on right now.

With the Harvest Days release date announcement you might be wondering on earth (heh) the game is all about. Well, it's described as a mixing of farming, life, and business simulators. As an independent farmer you have your fingers in many pies, and you'll have to tend to your animals, repair your farm, or sow your fields with a variety of crops and plants. It's just not just farming that can be enjoyed, though, as you'll be able to ride through the countryside on horseback, go fishing, or visit nearby towns to make friends and meet new people. 

Harvest days fishing
You can fish as well.

Overall, there's more than forty activities to do and dozens of wild animals that you may encounter. Exploration may reveal natural caves full of minerals, a temple ruin, or a mysterious swamp. Build your own tools, furniture, and decorations, or whatever else you feel like doing. 

If you're interested in Harvest Days, it can now be wishlisted on Steam ahead of its Early Access release on May 12, 2022. You can also go on the game's Discord or Twitter pages if you're into that type of thing. For more information on life simulators, Harvest Days, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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