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10 Chambers
10 Chambers
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December 9, 2021 (Calendar)
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GTFO is a thrilling co-op horror shooter game that tests your will to survive, your sneak skills, and your reaction time. 

The game features several intense action-packed encounters and builds tension that could be cut with a knife. You and four friends, who just so happen to be prisoners, have been plopped right into the center of The Rundown. The Rundown is a series of expeditions that only bring you deeper and deeper into a filthy and decaying research facility known to all as the Complex.

As you make your way lower and lower, supplies become more and more scarce. Not only are you scavenging for supplies to survive, but you will also need to arm yourself by collecting both weapons and resources throughout the endless tunnels you will traverse. As you make your way to these lower levels, you realize that you are not alone in this winding and twisting labyrinth of tunnels, as there are gruesome and horrific creatures lurking around every corner. The aim of the game is to get through each and every expedition and fulfill your work orders and completely clear out the Rundown. 

This game is not just a shoot-and-loot type of shooter. Players will need to strategize before lowering themselves down to the next area, deciding who will use what weapon, what boosters to use, as well as what gear should be worn for the threat looming down below. The developers state that you and your team will need to decide who has what job before taking on the horde of creatures, or you won't be prepared when things go wrong, and apparently, things will always go wrong. 

Rather than jumping down into these tunnels and spraying bullets, praying for one to hit a creature, you and your friends can attempt to sneak past these sleeping creatures with extreme care. But be warned; you do not want to wake them up...

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BE WARNED: GTFO isn't your typical run-and-gun shooter. It's for players that value a serious challenge.