A few of the monsters from GTFO.

GTFO VR Now Possible With New Mod

May 24, 2021 11:15 AM

By: Brian Renadette


One of the best ways to make a scary game even scarier is to put the player in the shoes of the protagonist. A new GTFO mod gives the horror game/first-person shooter GTFO VR support, letting players get closer to the action.

GTFO is a cooperative first-person shooter released into Early Access in late 2019 where teams of four players are tasked with exploring a vast underground complex in order to extract valuable artifacts. But, obviously, it's not that easy. The complex is infested with terrifying creatures that require players to work together and carefully plan out their tactics in order to survive. While the team may be armed with a selection of weapons and tools, stealth can also be important to avoid alerting swarms of creatures.




The GTFO VR mod, created by DSpartan on GitHub, does exactly what it says by allowing players to play GTFO with the use of a VR headset. DSpartan gives a good demonstration of just how it works in the above video, where they play through R5A1 on Extreme with a group of other players. In one of the comments, DSpartan mentions that this test was done in a public game, with none of the other players using the VR mod, and their character looked "about the same" to the other players. There has been no word from developers/publishers 10 Chambers on if the game will get official VR support, but this mod looks like it'll be a very good substitute for an official patch.

You can download version 1.0 of the GTFO VR mod here on GitHub. The base game can be found on Steam.


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