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Kepler Interactive
Action RPG
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In an attempt to save and restore humanity to what it once was, you will need to gear up and get ready for battle in the action RPG that is Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. The barrier between life and death has been breached, meaning the portal to the afterlife has now been revealed. The army of the undead has spotted this crack in one's armor and has taken rank in a full-fledged invasion of the human world. Because of this, humankind may be completely erased from the planet, and you cannot allow that to happen. 

Use magic, guns, and pure willpower to decimate the undead forces that threaten the world around you. Join forces with another member of the Coalition Army known as Nor Vanek and your sweet creature companion Enki that holds mystical powers within. Together, you must fight with pure vengeance to defeat the Gods above and close the doorway to the underworld. This is your only chance to save what is left of the human race. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flintlock: Siege of Dawn Co Op?

Flintlock: Siege of Dawn is currently developed for solo play. There are no talks of the game being co-op or having multiplayer functions at this time.

What is the Flintlock: Siege of Dawn release date?

There is no set release date for Flintlock: Siege of Dawn at this time. The devs only state the game will be released in "Early 2023".