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Fallen Aces
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Jason Bond
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Fallen Aces is a crime noir FPS where you're just one guy with two fists. The A.C.E.S. are the watchful guardians of Switchblade City that are being taken down one by one, and it's up to the player to get to the bottom of the mystery.

As an immersive simulator, Fallen Aces is non-linear and allows players to choose their path. Want to shoot up the joint? Go for it. Want to unleash your inner thief on unsuspecting goons? Switchblade City is your oyster as players can use their fists, knives, pipes, trash cans, pistols, Tommy guns and more to unleash hell.

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The A.C.E.S. Watchful guardians of Switchblade City. Being taken down, one by one.

Now it's up to one man, with two fists, to get to the bottom of it all.