Say Hello to Fallen Aces, New Blood's Latest FPS

Fallen Aces is the latest FPS from New Blood Interactive.

Published: September 6, 2020 3:29 PM /


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New Blood Interactive returns to announce a new title during Realms Deep 2020. During the event today, the publisher announced their latest title. This time, it's a gangster shooter called Fallen Aces, releasing in the near future.

If Fallen Aces looks familiar to you, that's because it used to be called Fallen Angels: Shadows Over Umburgh. Now, it's falling under the New Blood label. As for the trailer, there's bit to unpack. There is a clear early gangster period setting with old school cars, Thompson machine guns, and fedora-toting gangsters. Fallen Aces sports a very stylized, slick art style combining 2D, cartoonish sprites with 3D environments. It certainly has a pulpy, comic book style to it.

Interestingly, while it's definitely a FPS, there seems to be a particular emphasis on melee combat. The protagonist is seen using a pipe and fists to combat various thugs. There's a kick ability to send enemies flying. In one instance, the protagonist of Fallen Aces kicks an unfortunate fellow into the path of an oncoming trolley.

At the end of the trailer, we see the player character spew bullets with a Thompson. There's also a pistol, so it's not just melee based. Perhaps the most interesting part of the gameplay is that there appears to be a location-based damage system. This means that depending on where you shoot or hit an enemy, they'll react accordingly. One mobster gets his throat slashed by a switchblade. Another enemy is shot in the groin, and he reacts by holding the area with two hands.

Fallen Aces is developed by Trey Powell and Jason Bond and is getting published by New Blood Interactive. According to the game's Steam page, it features a total of three episodes with "non-linear level design," meaning players can be as stealthy or reckless as they want. While there isn't a definitive release date yet, be sure to stay tuned and visit Fallen Aces' website for all the new details. If anything, New Blood's Dave Oshry will find plenty to meme about with this new title under the publisher's label. You can access the website here.

Are you excited for Fallen Aces? What did you find most interesting about the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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