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Nintendo Switch, PC
Release Date
April 28, 2022 (Calendar)
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Dorfromantik is a relaxing puzzle strategy game, where you create a pastoral, idyllic village landscape one hex at a time. 

The goal of Dorfromantik is simple, beat the high score. Carefully plan and place your tiles in a strategic location, utilizing a stack of procedurally generated tiles. Simply draw the tile on the top of the pile, and place it down on the map. Relax and focus on connecting everything, if you want to, the game will end when the tile stack is used up, but you can unlock new biomes and discover even pre-placed game objects that give you a long-term task. 

Ultimately, Dorfromantik is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself with this casual puzzle strategy game. Dorfromantik is available for the PC and Nintendo Switch. 

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What Dorfromantik offers

Building endless and beautiful landscapes
A unique mix of strategy and puzzle mechanics
Relaxing and calming gameplay
Idyllic village scenery
Strategic placement to beat the high score
High replay value - every session is different
Many unlockable tiles and biomes
Original Artstyle with handpainted boardgame feel

What Dorfromantik does not offer

4X Strategy
Resource Management
Combat & Violence