Dorfromantik Roadmap Released and 1.0 Release Delayed

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Dorfromantik is described as "a peaceful building strategy and puzzle game", but the Early Access Roadmap shows that not everything is peaceful, with the full release being delayed. The original release date was mid/late 2021, and that has slid to Spring 2022 after "extended evaluation of all the community feedback of the first months". Basically, in order to work in all of the feedback for the full release the release date had to be shifted back, which is fair enough I suppose.

The creator, Toukana Interactive, specifically point out that the delay will not affect already announced features and their release order, which starts with the Creative Mode being the next upcoming major update for Dorfromantik. Instead, there will be additional content starting in the third major update with a new game mode being added, which we'll get into below:

What's Dofromantik's Early Access Roadmap?

For 0.2 that's coming out this Summer, players can expect a Creative Mode, a Performance Upgrade, save games, and a Balancing Upgrade. For .03 this Fall/Winter 2021, players will receive More Challenges, More Biomes, and More Special Tiles. 

For 1.0, there will be a New Game Mode, Community Challenges, Custom Seeds, and Rule Customization added to the game. 

There are also additional features that are coming whenever they are ready, with Controller Support, Steam Cloud Saves, Additional Help Screen, Additional Music, 20+ Languages, Steam Community Items, Additional Statistics, Undo Button, and Perfect Placement Hints all in development.

Things that are definitely not coming include Multiplayer, VR, First-Person Mode, Trading, 4x Strategy, which may come as a bummer to some, but at least Toukana Interactive is saying it outright rather than doing the almost traditional "we'll see after the Early Access launch" spiel. 

Dofromantik's Early Access Map
Dofromantik's Early Access Map.

If you'd like to check out the full announcement, be sure to go here. For more information on Dofromantik, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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