Diplomacy is Not an Option

Diplomacy is Not an Option
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Door 407
Door 407
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February 9, 2022 (Calendar)
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As a feudal lord, ordinarily diplomacy would be one of your tools in your toolkit. In Diplomacy is Not an Option, you have no choice but to fight over ten thousand enemy units that are assaulting your castle walls. Murderous peasants want you dead due to the ineptitude of your king, and it's up to you to defend your own lands.

Physics are important in Diplomacy is Not an Option. Archers and siege engines will need clear trajectories to hit their targets and your units will need elevated positions to maximize their effectiveness. Food and money are just as important, and you'll need to ensure your troops are fed and that you have enough food, wood, stone, iron, and gold to keep your city's economy going.

Diplomacy is Not an Option will be available on February 9, 2022 on Steam's Early Access on PC.

Developer Quote

Step into the well-worn shoes of our Hero: a long-suffering minor Lord, who is forced by circumstances to engage in battle with vastly superior enemy forces. Boxed in a by a quarrelsome king, duplicitous advisors, and enemies on all sides, there is no recourse to resolve this peacefully. It seems that Diplomacy Is Not an Option!
Experience warfare on an entirely new scale as over 10 THOUSAND enemy units assault your castle walls. Do you have what it takes to save the kingdom? Is the kingdom even worth saving?