Dark and Darker

Image of 4 adventurers in the game dark and darker exploring

Dark and Darker is a new game from South Korean studio Ironmace, that takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world, where players will adventure in a first-person and class-based dungeon crawler that has permadeath for your characters. Similar to Battle Royale games, the world has a shrinking zone that forces players towards the center of the dungeon - but you don't win by eliminating all of your opponents. You have to survive enemy teams, as well as the enemies within the dungeon, until you can get your hands on a teleport stone that will teleport you to safety with all your belongings.

The game has a fervent following, and has had a number of successful playtests with thousands of players getting into the game. However, in 2023, Nexon has sued the development team for taking IP from the company to make this game. The developers have had the Steam Page taken down, and are now currently under litigation.

The future status of the game remains unknown, although the developer is still conducting playtests via BitTorrent.

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