Crumbling World

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Dani Marti
Dume Arts
Action RPG
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Crumbling World is a dark fantasy ARPG by Dani Marti and Duma Arts that has you battling corrupted enemies as one of 7 characters. With five different classes among them, battle across procedurally generated maps and upgrade your character with skills - picking your route with care as the world crumbles behind you. 

Developer Quote

In this procedurally generated world, no two playthroughs will ever be the same. As you progress, the ground will crumble underneath you; pushing forward is your only option.

From your first faltering steps in The Fields to a dark descent into The Dungeons, take back control of your world and bring peace to the land at last - if you’re up to the quest.

Choose a combat class to suit you and fight off an onslaught of corrupted enemies while levelling up and upgrading your abilities in a quest to save the world. Your build will determine your success, so pay close attention to your selections. The wrong decision could be the difference between saving the world, or perishing along with it.