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Published: November 25, 2019 8:37 PM /


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Crumbling World, a dark action RPG developed by Dani Marti and published by Dume Arts, entered public alpha testing today. Taking place in a "sinister, decomposing land," Crumbling World features five unique regions and 25 seamless procedurally-generated levels.

In the alpha, players take the role of Merek, a knight. Along with his sister, Krea, he fights the evils of the decaying land around him. In the alpha release, players can familiarize themselves with the world and basic mechanics. An updated beta, expected early next year, Crumbling World will showcase its unique "crumbling mechanic." As they travel, characters must be wary of the ground decomposing beneath them, possibly preventing them from backtracking. Tread carefully, lest there be nothing left upon which to tread!

Five total classes and seven playable characters are planned for the 2020 release, according to the game's Steam page. Classes include the Knight (Merek and Krea), the Wizard (Hadrian and Thea), the Archer (Jerin, an Elf), the Brute (Jerinon, an oversized dwarf), and the Creature. A specific date for Crumbling World's commercial release has not yet been announced.

Right now, players can access the free alpha by signing up and downloading the client via the Dume Arts website. Right now, there is no indication that multiplayer with an option, with Duma Arts only mentioning single player.

As the game is still in an early alpha, be aware that the gameplay, mechanics, and content are all subject to change. Be sure to check back with TechRaptor regularly for continued coverage as Crumbling World approaches its next major progress update.

Quick Take

I'm eager to see how the "crumbling" mechanic will play out. Lots of games have points of no return, but it'll be interesting to see how that interacts with the gameplay of Crumbling World. Something for me to watch!

What do you think of The Crumbling World? Does that type of crumbling world mechanic interest you? Do hack and slash games need multiplayer you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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