Corpse Party (2021)

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October 20, 2021 (Calendar)
Adventure, Horror, RPG
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The cult indie hit Corpse Party returns with a brand new re-release to show how the franchise began. 

This stylized, 16-bit experience built-in RPG maker is the story of young teenagers who must survive against the vengeful spirits found in an elementary school after a friendship ritual goes awry. They must now try to survive the ordeal, retaining their lives, and sanity, in the process by solving the horrific circumstances of the murders that have happened before them. 

All of your choices count in Corpse Party, and this includes who will live or die. This new version of Corpse Party also contains additional content in the form of two new extra chapters, new characters to interact with, and more surprises for hardcore fans of the series.

Corpse Party is available for the PC, Mac, and Linux. 

Developer Quote

Atmospheric Retro-Style Graphics
Gorgeous 16-bit-style visuals paired with gruesome descriptions and heart-pounding sound design will have your imagination running wild with visions of horror.

Every Choice Counts
Explore every corner of Heavenly Host Elementary with a cross between point-and-click adventure gameplay and a battleless RPG, making choices that significantly change the course of the story and its characters’ fates.

More Content than Ever
On top of the original five main story chapters and fourteen Extra Chapters, two new Extra Chapters delve into the relationship between series favorites Ayumi and Yoshiki, as well as introduce Miku Shirayume and Ryoka Iwami, two characters with their own intriguing roles to play in the grisly legend of Heavenly Host Elementary.

Another Dimension in Horror
Put on headphones to immerse yourself in the fully voiced Japanese audio and bone-crunching sound effects thanks to the binaural 3D recording techniques, creating a simulated surround sound experience that will have you looking over your shoulder at every turn.