My Beautiful Paper Smile

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Two Star Games
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My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror game set in a facility to make children "perfect". You play as one of the children who doesn't approve of the facility's actions and must escape. Will you get out unscathed, or will the Faceless One catch you?

Developer Quote
My Beautiful Paper Smile is a story about children who are raised to be perfect. Any child who doesn’t live up to this calling is taken away. You are one of the Joyous; a child who is part of an operation conducted by the authorities. You have been locked away with other Joyous in a facility where you are tested daily. But you do not appreciate everything that has been done for you. Why don’t you see the immense good that you have taken part in? Why can’t you taste the sweet potential that perfection could hold? You do not want perfection. You want to escape.