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Stoneshard is a unforgiving turn-based open world RPG. As a medieval mercenary, players can use the survival skill tree in the Stoneshard update.

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The Stoneshard City of Gold Update arrives in November 2021 and will introduce several brutal new enemies to challenge players.

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Get ready for some big changes to combat in the Stoneshard 0.6 update! A brand-new batch of content is on the way

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Life isn't always sunshine and roses in medieval times. In Stoneshard you are a mercenary, looking to scrape by living in these harsh times.



My first fresh-faced adventurer in Stoneshard crept into the woods beyond a quaint village, only to find that his journey was going to end far too

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Ink Stains Games have delayed the Early Access launch of their upcoming open-world roguelike Stoneshard until February 6th, 2020.