Stoneshard 0.6 Update Makes Massive Changes to Dungeons and Combat

Published: September 24, 2020 3:28 PM /


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Get ready for some big changes to combat in the Stoneshard 0.6 update! A brand-new batch of content is on the way

Stoneshard is a brutal game set in an equally-brutal world. Players take on the role of a medieval mercenary who is always in search of the next adventure, but life isn't so easy. Aside from the perils of combat, you'll have to take care of your own health with the very best medicine that some guy in a hut has to offer.

Development of the game has been proceeding apace in Steam Early Access and now a major, game-changing update has arrived. If you've already played Stoneshard before, you're about to enter a whole new world of hurt.

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What's New in the Stoneshard 0.6 Update?

The first major change is a "complete rework" of the dungeon generator. Bastions, Catacombs, and Crypts will now generate iin an entirely different fashion, so you won't have the same experience as you may have had in the past. Dungeons also have over a hundred new containers and other decorations, some of which may be hidden in the new secret rooms that can only be found by especially perceptive characters.

These deadly dungeons are, of course, also packed full of enemies — and the way they fight has also gotten some substantial changes. The game's basic AI has also been entirely reworked and no longer relies on RNG; instead, enemies will now use their abilities depending on the situation and a weighting algorithm.

For example, archers and mages now prefer to keep their distance from the player. If you're fighting in a tight corridor, they'll back up and swap places with melee characters to set up a proper formation. Archers now also have limited ammo; once they run out, they'll switch to melee attacks. If things go especially badly for any enemy fighter, they may even try to retreat!

These are just some of the many, many new features made in this update; you can read the StoneShard 0.6 update patch notes for all the fine details. If you haven't yet grabbed this game, you can buy it on sale on Steam for $10.49 or your regional equivalent, a 30% discount.

What do you think of the Stoneshard 0.6 update? What other changes would you like to see made to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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