New Stoneshard City of Gold Update Enemies Revealed

The Stoneshard City of Gold Update arrives in November 2021 and will introduce several brutal new enemies to challenge players.

Published: October 4, 2021 2:41 PM /


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The Stoneshard City of Gold Update was previously delayed to November 2021. Now, a new devlog from Ink Stains Games has revealed new enemies on the way in this patch and a fiirm release date.

Stoneshard is a Nintendo Hard roguelike game that gives players a serious challenge. You are not a legendary hero felling enemies by the hundred; rather, you're an ordinary person in a very dangerous world. It's still in Steam Early Access and has been fine-tuning its core systems over the last year and change.

Unfortunately, Stoneshard has been plagued by the occasional delay (even with its Early Access debut). The newest City of Gold Update had been delayed as well, but the devs have finally locked down a release date -- and they have some cool new content to tease us with.

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New Enemies Revealed in the Stoneshard City of Gold Update Devlog

The first major addition in the Stoneshard City of Gold Update is several new challenging enemies for you to take on. A total of three new creatures were shown off today:

  • Deathstingers - "Large and very aggressive insects" that rely on numbers and can quickly swarm the player. Killing bugs is hard enough, and it gets harder as you do damage -- as the swarm reduces in size, it also becomes more difficult to hit them.
  • Crawlers - Giant, dangerous spiders that (thankfully) stay close to their burrows in the woods. They can spit liquid webs to lock down players and they have corrosive blood. While they're relatively weak, they also quickly regenerate health.
  • Harpies - Gigantic, flying birds that are difficult to battle while airborne -- their mobility skill has no cooldown as long as they can fly. Fortunately, they're a cowardly lot and will attempt to flee battle multiple times.

Mind, this is not an exhaustive list of the new creatures coming in the Stoneshard City of Gold Update; the devs say that mid-tier Proselytes are also coming and will be detailed in their own dedicated blog post.

Players will also get access to several new bombs, each of which have different effects:

  • Nistrian Flame Flask - A firebomb that causes initial damage and then starts a fire on several tires where it lands.
  • Deathstinger Jar - Spawns a cloud of Deathstingers where it lands, distracting and damaging your enemies.
  • Spider Blood Flask - A vial of acid that does some damage on impact and leaves a pool of corrosive blood on the floor.

Aside from the new items and new baddies to battle, Ink Stains Games is currently working on filling up the new town with NPCs and other features for this update.

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When is the Stoneshard City of Gold Update Release Date?

The Stoneshard City of Gold Update release date is November 18, 2021. You'll soon be able to die in several new ways in a little over a month.

For now, there's plenty of fun to be had trying to figure out the brutally-challenging world of Stoneshard. You can buy Stoneshard for PC on Steam Early Access and DRM-free retailer GOG at the price of $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the new enemies revealed for the Stoneshard City of Gold Update? Do you think this game is too hard or is the level of difficulty just right? Let us know in the comments below!

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