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Spirit of the Island

Spirit of the Island is a colorful co-op life simulation RPG that's set on a tropical archipelago. In it, players will build their farm and grow

Two characters talking to one another in Spirit of the Island

The first major Spirit of the Island update has been announced. Titled "Buried Treasures", the update is themed, as you can imagine, around

Spirit of the Island launches cover

If you're a fan of farming RPGs, you've got a new game to play -- 1M Bits Horde and Meta Publishing have launched Spirit of the Island in Steam Early

Starter workbench options.

In Spirit of the Island, you will find that there is more to life than just farming. In order to truly make a thriving farm, you need to get used to

Your first farming plot.

One of the most important parts of playing Spirit of the Island is growing your homestead. This means ensuring the crops are growing, materials are

Starting house

Spirit of the Island is a charming game that has you starting life on a small island. It’s here that you will learn to grow your farm, build useful