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Direct2Drive Black Friday Deals 2017

Published: November 24, 2017 11:28 AM /



The dark Friday has arrived, as Americans are stuffed with turkey, one small bird was pardoned and the greatest shopping rush of the year unleashes. After yesterday we went through some deals from Gamesplanet, and GOG showing the European side of the equation, today we're over at our Partner Direct2Drive who has some different deals over on their storefront.

Direct2Drive's Black Friday sale runs through November 27 (or as they call it now, Cyber Monday), and features a wide variety of AAA and indie titles that might catch your interest.

Disclosure: Direct2Drive is partnered with TechRaptor and provides a monthly discount code to our Pack Hunter members.

Bethesda Deals

Bethesda continues their policy of aggressive discounting on new and old titles, and while this isn't all of the stuff on sale at Direct2Drive from the publisher, it will give you a good chance to check out the releases from the publisher including some hefty discounts on this year's titles Wolfenstein 2The Evil Within 2 and Prey. Beyond that, if you're looking for some fun, the Fallout Classic Collection has some great classic RPGs that you should check out if you haven't, and Fallout: New Vegas is always worth a trip.

Other AAA Games to Try

Once you get past Bethesda, you have a lot of other AAA games that are worth your time to consider, especially at a reduced price. If you're a fan of Koei Tecmo's Musou's there are 3 different anime-licensed ones with Attack on TitanArslan, and BERSERK all there about half off each. If it's more shooting you're looking at Metro Redux offers the two Metro games in their enhanced state for $6, letting you catch up on the cheap for next year's Metro Exodus. You can add some open world mayhem to that mix with the Saints Row & Metro Double Pack which puts the two metro games in there along with Saint's Row 4 and Saint's Row Gat Out of Hell. If you want to try something in that genre that's been more divisive Homefront - The Revolution is available cheaply enough to be worth a gamble.

That all being said there's a lot more to look at below if you want to take some looks and see what interests you!