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This week was actually a pretty good one for Greenlight, to the point that I actually had some difficulty deciding on which game I’d like to feature here. Usually it’s almost a struggle to find even one. Then you find out the one you wanted to feature already has been on TechRaptor, it just changed names. No matter, however, as there were some other seemingly good games to choose from, like Asteroid Fight developed by Katta Games.

Asteroid Fight describes itself as an “online multiplayer action real-time strategy game,” which based on the videos and other information, seems to mean that this is an action game that has a good emphasis on the combat supported by some RTS elements like resource management and base building. So those of you that may be intimidated by the mention real-time strategy should have your fears allayed some. So this doesn’t seem to be something like Starcraft per se, but there is certainly an emphasis on strategy.

Before I go on, I should say these are my impressions of the game based on the available information. I have not had a chance to play the game.

The base building is thematically founded on colonizing various available asteroids on the given map. Each has a limited space on which to build, so colonizing multiple and then synergizing them together seems to be the basis for strategy. 

Based on the necessity for freighters, it would seem that you don’t have some sort of overall currency that you build up and can use whenever, but each asteroid has its own resources that have to be physically present to build whatever it is that needs building. So some asteroids may have some space to build what you need, but lack the resources to build it, meaning you’ll need to freight in some from somewhere else. That adds an interesting level of strategy to Asteroid Fight in that not only does it become important to protect each individual asteroid and everything else, but there are certain supply lines you’ll have to be cognizant of as well.

asteroid fight commander

One of Asteroid Fight‘s unique elements is the “hero” unit, the commander. Commanders are unique, modifiable units that can have a wide range of abilities. You’ll have to construct it on the map at some point if you choose to use a commander, which it seems you are encouraged to do so, that can then be customized with the various available items you may have at your disposal to make it unique. For example, one of the items is a warp drive, allowing the commander to quickly warp to somewhere else on the map. You gain the items through leveling—you gain experience every time you play a round of Asteroid Fight, and once you get enough you are awarded with an item. Each item is randomized and even if you get the same item twice, it will have its own unique properties to set it apart.

Aside from the leveling between rounds, Asteroid Fight features leveling within each individual match as well. Throughout a game you will gain experience from doing just about everything, from base building to combat to healing and more. Once you gain enough experience, you and your allies will level up, allowing you to upgrade one of the items you have chosen to equip to your commander.

asteroid fight combat

Combat within Asteroid Fight is fairly standard RTS fare, with the abilities of your commander adding in some unique elements. You’ll construct and have access to various units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to then try to defeat your opponent. The developers say Asteroid Fight is designed as a team game, so far allowing up to 4v4. You, and your teammates if you choose to play that way, are trying to destroy your enemy’s Warp Gate while defending your own. Whoever’s is destroyed first wins the game.

One final thing worth noting is that Asteroid Fight will come with its own Map Editor, something that RTS fans surely enjoy. 

If you are interested in Asteroid Fight, check out its Greenlight page and give it a thumbs up if you think it worthy enough. 

What do you think of Asteroid Fight? Does it offer enough to grab the attention of RTS fans? Does it seem approachable enough to those that are intimidated by that genre? What else made its way on to Greenlight recently we should all be aware of?

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