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New Designs are Great; Proper Personalities are Key

Recently, Blizzard released the art for a few new characters for their upcoming game Overwatch, one of which was a female heavy with a distinctive look. I have to give…

overwatch PAX

PAX East 2015: The AAA Megabooth

It has been happening for a few years now, but PAX East 2015 was the year that smaller developers and publishers officially took over the show floor. If big publishers…


Blizzard’s Overwatch Trademark Suspension

Blizzard’s new intellectual property , a team based FPS known as Overwatch might not be known as that for much longer. Blizzard ran into a legal issue as it turns…


Blizzcon Overwatch Panel: A Look At Blizzard’s New Teambased Shooter

In the Blizzcon Overwatch Panel on Friday, Chris Metzen and Jeff Kaplan  cover a range of topics for Blizzard’s new team-based multiplayer shooter known as Overwatch. The game is a team…


BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies Part 3: Overwatch

The final speaker of the BlizzCon opening ceremonies was Chris Metzen, Senior VP at Blizzard/Activision. With nervous anticipation he introduced the first brand-new IP in 17 years: Overwatch.