Today in this week’s State of the Game we’ll be covering the week from the 5th to the 11th of June this year. This week’s releases brings with it some of the weakest numbers in the past 2 months with even this week’s biggest release failing to generate much of a following. The only stat that showed any improvement was the average completion which was up a scant 8% on the previous week’s figures.

Dirt 4 was met with a somewhat lukewarm reception on Steam, garnering a mere 1000 players in its release week (a stat that has since dwindled considerably since launch). Whilst the game has reviewed well it’s reception on Steam still sits at mixed. Right now it sits about the same popularity as its predecessor Dirt Rally which almost 2 years its senior. The issues many reviewers don’t appear to be platform related either so it would be interesting to see some figures of how it did on consoles.

The trending section showcases some interesting decisions by different game developers which have had very positive impacts on their player base. Battleborn effectively went free to play with a “free trial” version that gives you access to a rotating roster of 6 heroes and access to all the competitive parts of the game. Payday 2 evolved into the “Ultimate Edition” which includes all the DLC that’s been released so far whilst also releasing a staggering 5 million keys of the base game to anyone who would have it. Finally Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series makes it into the top 5 trending thanks to the release of episode 2 and a small sale to boot.

David Klemke

State of the Game

David is the writer of the "State of the Game" series - a weekly look at the statistic behind the most popular games being played.