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Happy Halloween! Last week we suggested some games you should play to get into the Halloween mood, and now that the best holiday of the year is here, it’s time to check out some scary and generally creepy games.

Claire: Extended Cut

Claire: Extended Cut is a 2D horror game that does atmosphere better than most 3D games can manage. It’s one of those games that always keeps you on edge, that there’s always something terrifying behind the next corner. Even when you you think you’re safe, the game’s horrible shadow monsters will find a way to get you, smashing doors and teleporting to you. It may not have the big production values of other horror games, but it does so much with so little to the point where some nights I didn’t want to pick it up at all. —Samuel Guglielmo

Yomawari: Night Alone

Yomawari: Night Alone manages to strike a balance of being equal parts beautiful and terrifying. Set in the middle of the night in a foggy Japanese town crawling with deadly spirits, Yomawari tasks the player with exploring the night, solving puzzles and avoiding enemies as they search for their sister who has disappeared while searching for the families dog. The artistic work of Yu Mizukami brings the hand-drawn world of Yomawari to life, horrors and all. —James Galizio

P.T.  (Silent Hills)

P.T. is the demo for the ill fated joint effort of acclaimed game director Hideo Kojima and legendary film director Guillermo Del Toro. P.T. or Playable Teaser, was originally intended to be a demo for an upcoming Silent Hill game in which the player is tasked with walking down a repeating hall all while being told the story of a grizzly murder by the use of the radio, the environment, and the player’s own expectations.  While the game captured the imaginations and lived in the nightmares of many, it was unfortunately put to pasture after Kojima severed ties with its publisher Konami.  Now all that exists is an undownloadable demo for quite possibly the most unsettling and scary game ever made. Look behind you —Nick Maillet


Outlast is a survival horror game in the same vein as Amnesia, where your only option to get through a deadly asylums is to run and hide. Outlast perfects the idea that fear is born from having no way to defend yourself. The story is where it shines, though, putting you in the shoes of a normal person and introducing him to a variety of interesting villains, accompanied by some fantastic voice acting. It pulls no punches and gleefully depicts some pretty horrific imagery. On top of that, it has some awesome DLC, Whistleblower, which tells its own parallel story with all new characters. —Kindra Pring

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is a haunting remake that not only keeps true to the original game but also adds some new worthwhile features.  The backstory of each terrifying ghost encounter is amplified by its exceptional mood and sense of tension.  Armed with a camera, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is definitely one of the most memorable horror games ever made. Needless to say, it’s an absolute must-play horror game! —Connor Foss

Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants To Play puts you in the shoes of a pizza guy just wanting to finish his last delivery and call it a night, but as you step into your last house to get out of the rain, the door slams behind you—big mistake. You’ve now got to survive through the night as more and more dolls begin to attack you, each with their own pattern of how to avoid them. If you don’t do what they want, it will be the end for you. Not only is this game terrifying to play in a well lit room, but with a new VR update there is no escape from the dolls. The way that the dolls will run and jump on you is already scary enough due to their models, but knowing you have to stare evil in the face adds a whole other level. —Andrew Stretch

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and dont park on any graves or anything.

Nick Maillet

Video Lead

I used to be that band guy with super cool hair who lived and breathed breakdowns, now I work on TV shows as an colorist/editor. You can find me on twitter talking about my ever expanding collection of NES games and my love hate relationship with Tinder.

  • ParadoxReign

    Why am I not surprised *sighs*

  • Nmaillet777


  • ParadoxReign

    If these horror games, as presented in your list, are the ugly new future of horror games (and no, I refuse to call them survival games for what they offer is not true survival), then I feel that I rather unplug myself from the rest of world, because it only shows what things like Outlast and Slenderman did to the horror genre. They demand those “You are a helpless coward” and First Person View in every game, whether or not people agree with this. But get this, once you disagree, you get shawned as a person, who has no idea about true horror survival and that you have no idea about the genre.

    This is what makes me sad and seeing this list is just prove what I feared of and why we get this dumb “PT” Resident Evil 7 game. To me, a lot of people have no idea what true survival means, because they never sat down and researched it. They only see those “Scooby Doo” games and say “Yeah, being helpless and running away from the monsters is survival and cool,” while it not even scratches the term of true survival.

    But lets face it, 2016 was a horrible year and like many things, it just was a remaker of what was ruined… no, utterly destroyed in my personal view. Horror survival is just one thing, but sadly one thing that was dear to me.

    It is just sad to see how this all goes downhill from here on.

  • Nmaillet777

    Thanks to PT/Outlast/Amnesia/RE7 survival horror is finally about the atmosphere, experience, and occasional helplessness you would expect from a nightmare like situation instead of the devs having to rely on frustration and bad inventory management to make a game “scary”. The times are changing and horror is finally beginning to look exciting and quite frankly for the first time ever, scary.

  • ParadoxReign

    I hate to say it, but no. This kind of horror looks pathetic and cheap. Nothing more like a jump scare routine that could be coming from a cheap ghost house. It is nothing but bad writing when a developer cuts the possibilities of survival and just leaves the possibility of running away. This is not how true survival works and to say that every horror game has to be like a nightmare, where you can’t do anything about the horror that awaits you, is even dumber, because not every dream leaves you in a situation where you can’t act but just watch or being helpless like a child against the coming terror. This is why I said that those horror games are awful, because they only shows you the one side of the coin, but not the other side. It is just a cheap copout to make something scare that is not even scary in the first place, but badly balanced and handicapped.

  • Feniks

    Uhm WTF?! Project zero/Fatal Frame 2: Crimson butterfly was an xbox game. It’s from 2004.

  • Sark

    “a grizzly murder”
    Wow, I never knew the story of P.T. involved bears! That game is still full of surprises!

  • Nmaillet777


    So what would you suggest?

  • Nmaillet777

    You didn’t find the bear room?

  • Monty AlKanzy

    I know it’s not me that should reply but how about resources management. Have a gun but with limited ammo or a male weapon that breaks after continuous usage.

  • Nmaillet777

    Thats a good idea. I think TLOU had one of the best uses of this where ammo was scarce and shooting off a gun could give your location away. It would be cool to see more survival horror games use that mechanic.

  • ParadoxReign

    Uhm opinion?!

  • ParadoxReign

    How old are you?

  • I missed Outlast during the Playstation sale a couple of weeks ago. Very bummed.