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The Call of Duty franchise has always been published by Activision but for the first time, another shall be taking on that role in part. Sony recently announced that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia where they will be publishing it. As always, though, Activision will be publishing the upcoming Call of Duty elsewhere like the Americas and Europe.

However, it will be Activision who are going to publish Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in Japan and Asia for Microsoft’s Xbox One. This has been confirmed by the Xbox One’s Japanese store page, where as mentioned before, Activision is listed as the publisher.

The game will be releasing on the same date as the Western release, which is the 4th of November. Both editions are available, in the Legacy and Standard editions, with the Legacy edition coming with the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In case you have yet to see it, here is the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which as of now, is the most disliked video game trailer on YouTube (with around 2.4 million dislikes and only 39 thousand likes):

Quick Take

I find it odd that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan is going to be the one’s publishing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare instead of Activision but then again, “PlayStation is the new home of Call of Duty” said PlayStation CEO Andrew House back in E3’s 2015 press briefing at least in part. I can see how it makes sense, though, since PlayStation 4 is still leagues ahead in sale figures compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One especially in Japan. One example is how in a single week during the month of January, only 99 Xbox One’s were sold, which is pretty damn savage but Microsoft has got a bit of history with poor marketing and Japan (so yeah, not that surprising). Lastly, we all know they are bundling the CoD 4 Remaster with this new title to boost the sales of Infinite Warfare and make it seem like this particular release was a fantastic one (we all know you care more about CoD 4 Remaster).


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  • Lepito

    I thought Square Enix published previous titles in the series in Japan.

  • AR7777

    Jesse, just as Lepito says SquareEnix has published the last CoDs in Japan.
    I just checked and these have been the publishers for Japanese releases of CoD.

    CoD – MediaQuest – Russel (best hits).
    CoD UO – MediaQuest.

    CoD FH – Capcom.
    CoD 2 – PC: Russel – Xbox 360 Konami.
    CoD2 BRO – Konami D.E.
    CoD 3 – Spyke.
    CoD 4 – Activision – SquareEnix (best hits).

    The following were released by SquareEnix.

    Black Ops.
    Modern Warfare 3.
    Black Ops 2.
    Advanced Warfare.