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It is rumored that the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo NX, will see a production delay to 2017.

According to a report by the DigiTimes, The NX was originally going to be mass produced in mid-2016, but has been delayed half a year to March 2017. The reason given, according to anonymous sources, is so Nintendo could incorporate VR functionality into the NX.

The sources by DigiTimes points to the supply chain of Nintendo being disrupted- they claim that the company Foxconn Electronics, which is part of the Hon Hai Precision Industry Company located in Taiwan, were told to begin developing the mold for the console in mid-2015, so that mass production can be done a year later. Now the sources say that Nintendo has told Foxconn to begin mass production of parts in late 2016, ramping up for a 2017 schedule instead. Foxconn would be one of three manufacturing plants involved in the production of the new console, with DigiTimes noting about 40% of the part orders are coming from Foxconn, with the rest of the manufacturing being done by two Japanese companies, Misumi and Hosiden. 

The sources also claim that Nintendo is lowering the number of units produced. Originally, Nintendo ordered 20 million units of the NX to ship within the first year, but have now cut that number in half; ordering only 9.5-10 million units instead. There is no explanation for the reduced order, although there is speculation it is due to the weaker performance of the Wii U, and the overall shrinking console market for games. 

The source also gives a description of the NX console, claiming it combines the “video gaming experience with the mobile gaming experience,” a long-standing rumor regarding the NX due to Nintendo’s current push into the mobile game market.  Outside of halting production to add VR technology, the console will contain a 5-7 inch display, controller and joystick which will work just like a mobile gaming platform, but can also connect to a television and be used as a standard console system.

So what do you think, does the rumor seem true to you? Leave your comments below.

Robert Grosso

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  • Hobo-Tobo

    What a mess. This just sounds like a company in its last stand against irrelevancy. Mobile gaming! Indies! No wait, VR too! I bet it will sport AMD hardware as well.

  • Kev Lew

    “last stand” not so much, every failure Nintendo have had they have brought on themselves.
    Instead of focusing on standardised hardware to encourage third party support and beat out the competition with good games running at high performance with top gameplay they pushed out a non-standard hardware gimmick crowbared and threatened every game to feature the gimmick then actively transgressed against open/honest/clear advertising, punish the online fanbase/community for talking about Nintendo products and are over a decade behind other companies on simple online/cloud based accounts (hardware failure? loose every digital good bought unless the hard drive was cloned previously).
    Because of decisions made by Nintendo you cant showcase Nintendo content, you cant back-up or restore purchased Nintendo games or DLC easily and you can’t correct the common misconceptions about the Nintendo consoled because they charge the company or person trying to help them 40% of the youtube income for trying to help them out of the well the dug themselves into.

  • Kev Lew

    WiiU is my first new nintendo self purchase (had a gameboy, second hand 64, used nephews DS for a week) and with the way it has been supported likely my last, this despite the 6-8 games I bought being some of the most engaging titles I have played in the last couple of years.

  • Jumanji Joe

    After all the recent censorship I hope Nintendo crashes and burns.

  • DrearierSpider

    I’m actively rooting against Nintendo at this point.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    More power to those that want it, but the days of me eagerly awaiting yet another Mario/Zelda/Mario Kart rehash is long gone.

    Having every Nintendo console from the SNES onwards (barring the Virtual Boy and Wii U) I can safely say I’ve played every variant of every IP they’ve ever done. And I’m bored of them.

    Yes, Nintendo make great games. They just make the same games over and over, and the world has moved on.

    Also, nobody buys Nintendo for 3rd party games. But without them you’re basically left holding a Wii U.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Nintendo get by on historical loyalty. If a new company tried pulling the same bullshit they do they’d be burned to the ground. But the fans let it slide, because Nintendo.

  • jaygerbomb

    #1) This had better not push Zelda Wii U back any further.
    #2) Sounds like a risk, I can’t say I expect VR to really make that much a of a difference, but the last thing Nintendo needs is to miss another big wave, and if PS4 VR actually makes a difference, then I guess this was a smart move.

  • jaygerbomb

    My problem with them is they don’t give us the games we ask for/want. Give me another 3D exploration based Mario to build on what they started with SMG/SMG2. Nope, we keep getting New Super Mario Bros re-hashes, and Super Mario 3D World, which is just another spinoff of that. Metroid had some great momentum in the GameCube era, but they’ve left it for dead. New F-Zero, New Pilotwings, both of which might actually make sense control-wise with a gamepad? No where to be seen.

    I do still like Nintendo, and they’re of the few companies making good, local coop experiences, and ones that are kid appropriate so my whole family can play, but to be honest, my kids will probably keep playing Mario Kart 8 until the end of time – we don’t NEED another Nintendo system at this point.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    I think it’s a question of priorities. If they want to “win” Japan then they need a good strong mobile device, but if they want the West then a powerful stationary console is required. Half-assing both to get a “combined” unit (like the Wii U) just annoys everyone.

    They also should have had a 3DS replacement already touted by now. But not in some vague “like a 3DS that you plug into your tv!” rubbish. A fully featured stationary console and a 4DS, let’s say. Both aimed at separate markets, not trying to cannibalise the same one.