When people think of a semi-realistic tactical first-person shooter like Rainbow 6 Siege, the last thing that they will likely associate with the genre is zombies. Yet, for Siege’s upcoming update, Operation Chimera, zombies are going to be making an appearance in a limited time event, dubbed Outbreak, starting from March 6 to April 3. As per usual, there will be five different zombie types ranging from undead explosive Breachers to giant Left 4 Dead Tank-esque Smashers. You and up to two other friends (or random strangers) can try and hold out against wave after wave of zombies on three different maps (Resort, Hospital, and Junkyard), but your choices are going to be limited to Ash, Tachanka, Doc, Smoke, Buck, Kapkan, Glaz, Ying, Finka, Lion and the trusty Recruit, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation with team compositions that would normally never really work in Siege’s Ranked mode.

It wouldn’t be a Rainbow 6 Siege update without new Operators, however, and the release of Chimera will give you a chance to get your hands on Lion and Finka, two biological hazard specialists from France’s GIGN and Russia’s Spetsnaz, respectively.

Lion, also known as Olivier Flament, is a two speed/two armor attacker who uses a drone to perform a scan of the battlefield, helping him and his team detect moving enemies so long as he isn’t shot in the face while performing the scan. The drone itself can stay airborne “indefinitely”, which would theoretically give Lion amazing synergy against a team full of roamers (think of him as a reverse Caviera), but as one may expect in Rainbow 6 Siege, communication is a must to utilize him to his full potential since it’s quite a conceivable danger to get tunnel visioned while trying to hunt someone down. As far as firearms are concerned, Lion borrows much from his fellow GIGN Operators; he has access to the same pistol and revolver that all the other GIGN Operators have, alongside the single shot 417 DMR and the pump action shotgun that Twitch can use. Interestingly enough though, Lion does have unique access to the V308, which as far as can be told is essentially a beefed-up version of Mira’s Vector but with a 50 round magazine as an added bonus.

Finka, the other Operator making her debut in Rainbow 6 Siege’s Operation Chimera update, is another two speed/two armor attacker who is affiliated with the Russian Spetsnaz. Unlike her cohorts, who (aside from Glaz) generally possess comparatively low tech brute force gadgets, Finka carries a cocktail of nanobots to battle (get your Russian athlete steroid jokes in now). Whether or not this is realistic is a debate for smarter people, but in Siege, Finka can activate the nanobots in herself or a teammate to give them an instant boost of 20 HP (which can be used to revive downed Operators), greater resistance to speed-hindering effects, and enhanced recoil control; needless to say, Finka is a more aggressive version of Doc. It should be noted that Lesion’s mines and Echo’s drone can negate the effects of the nanobots though, so there are ways to counter the nanobots. Like Lion, Finka borrows a lot of gear from her respective unit, being able to use breach charges, stun grenades, both of the Spetsnaz’s standard pistols, Fuze’s LMG, and Kapkan/Tachanka’s semi-auto shotgun. Finka’s unique firearm is known as the Spear .308 which, interestingly enough, bears quite an aesthetic resemblance to the Assault Rifle from the Halo series, with a similar functionality as a fully automatic assault rifle with a 30 round magazine.

If you’re worried that all these new Operators will eclipse the existing ones, don’t fret: existing Rainbow 6 Siege Operators will still be given some attention with the Operation Chimera update, with a particular emphasis on nerfing Ela. Long story short, her SMG will have greater recoil and less damage (lowered from 28 to 23 per shot) and her impact grenades will be replaced with a shield. Kapkan will thus receive impact grenades to replace barbed wire and Blitz will now be a two speed/two armor Operator. Bug fixes will also be deployed with Chimera, the most notable of which may be a set of tweaks to melee hit registration so that it’s more reliable. As expected, a series of cosmetic microtransactions, including an Elite skin for Ash, will be available for your purchasing pleasure.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Operators (and the rest of Operation Chimera) and you happen to be playing on the PC, then you can access the update early on Rainbow 6 Siege’s Test Server until March 2; the Outbreak event will be available on the Test Server starting on February 20. Needless to say, the Test Server may contain bugs, which should be reported to Ubisoft should the situation arise.

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