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Psychonauts 2 has been a success.

Psychonauts 2 will be the 3rd game by Double Fine to go through a crowdfunding process, the first two being Broken Age and Massive Chalice. As a comparison, Broken Age, then known as Double Fine Adventure, raised $3.3 million with 87,142 backers, while Massive Chalice gained $1.2 million with 31,774 backers. 

 In terms of numbers, Psychonauts 2 had the most money pledged to it, with the least amount of backers. This may be attributed to recent controversies regarding Double Fine CEO, Tim Schafer, regarding claims of misuse of money and ceasing development on an early access project, Spacebase DF-9. Schafer has also induced the wrath of the #GamerGate movement for poorly crafted jokes at last years GDC awards. It is also possible that Fig itself being a new platform lead to less exposure, despite higher amounts spent per backer.

Fig is a new crowdfunding source that will attempt to turn gamers into investors; provided the product they have invested in is successful. Psychonauts 2 is one of the first projects selected to Fig, which include Schafer on their advisory board. Other known developers on the Fig advisory board include CEO’s Brian Fargo, Alex Rigopulos, and Feargus Urquhart. In theory, Fig would benefit investors who register and back the game through revenue, although the risks involved are heavy. TechRaptor’s Don Parsons has made an extensive breakdown regarding the facts about Fig, which can be seen here

The next step for Double Fine and FIG would be the registration of FIG Grasslands with the SEC. Currently, the project falls under a Regulation A investment for non-accredited investors that reserved shares, based on new regulations finalized in July of 2015. All investors now, both accredited and nonaccredited, will receive Tracking Stock in FIG, which is tied to the FIG Grasslands division and will be reliant on the performance of Psychonauts 2

Overall, Psychonauts 2 has been a success for Double Fine, with Schafer already discussing about Psychonauts 2 on reddit, along with other topics including past games and the development process. 

Quick Take

Personally, I don’t mind that Psychonauts 2 was successful, mainly because I am curious to see what happens with Fig in the future as I think the investor model they have set up is an interesting idea, even if it is essentially a complex investment that is set up here. Not to mention the people who did invest in Psychonauts 2 will now be actively involved in the process to protect their investment further. 

The bad blood out there for Schafer may prevent it from reaching its full potential though. Only time will tell if  that is the case in the end. What do you think though? Leave your comments below.

Robert Grosso

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  • Dr. James Rustles

    Fig appears to be a rip off, even as an investor. Psychonauts will have to sell ridiculously well in order for some of the investors to see a return.

    I don’t mind that Psychonauts was funded. I didn’t pay a dime for it. If it comes out and reviews well, I’ll buy it. But I’m not buying into their ponzi scheme.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    I didn’t pledge anything and I don’t expect anything good to come of this, but I’ll happily eat my words if proven wrong. I’d love to see a sequel that lives up to the legacy of the original.

  • SevTheBear

    All games should have a chance to see the day of light. Even if the creator is a douche.

    I don’t trust Tim Schafer and I would never trust him with money. He has burned backers before, wasted money and people he hires always pay the price for his stupidity. I know AAA industry does dumb shit 24/7. But they get a SHITSTORM when they do. But people like Tim gets away with it because he is buddy with the cool kids club -_-‘

  • GrimFate

    Double Fine’s rocky crowdfunding history and Schafer’s GG comments prevented me from backing this. I’m sure I’ll eventually buy it, if they manage to make a good game.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Schafer mentioned in the past that a Psychonauts 2 wouldn’t happen through crowdfunding because it would cost upwards of $40 million to make or something… So I’m not sure what to expect when they only have $3 million so far.

  • Joseph Fanning

    Isn’t half of that in investment pledges that aren’t at all guaranteed?

  • ParasiteX

    Tune in next year, when Tim comes begging for more cash after burning it all on hookers and cocaine.

  • JamesGoblin

    Nice, go go Psychonauts! <3

  • SevTheBear

    The 3 mil is just so he can show the REAL investors that people is willing to back and buy the game. He will get the rest of what he needs from the investors who are dumb enough to give him the money.

  • Freeman

    Enjoy your disaster, backers. That is, after you pay for it again when Tim comes back to beg for money.

  • LimmyWinks

    Give it 6 months and he will be asking for another 3 million.