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Nobody likes playing a match of any multiplayer game with an AFK (away from keyboard) teammate. Being one man down could be the difference between winning or losing, and that remains true in Overwatch. However, Blizzard may have gone too far in their latest Overwatch patch in their attempts to limit the effects of AFK players on a match. In a recent forum thread on, players brought up experiences of being kicked from their current matches due to inactivity, even though they were actively partaking in the battle. The common theme throughout most of these experiences is that most of the people admitted that they were playing as a Bastion in turret form when they were kicked.

As many Overwatch players already know, Bastion is a hero who’s bread and butter lies in his turret mode. While in his sentry form, Bastion hunkers down in a stationary position and mows down enemies with his Gatlin gun at a rate of about 30-40 rps. It’s pretty devastating, and if in the right position, a Bastion could potentially get several kills without ever having to move. However, due to this new Overwatch bug that came as a result of the latest patch, Bastion players have been getting kicked from games because they remained in his sentry form for too long without getting up and moving, even if they were still actively partaking in the battle by swiveling around and shooting at enemies. For those of you that wanted a Bastion nerf, you got it, albeit by accident.

Bastion may be the hero who experiences this Overwatch bug most often, but he is not the only one. Other players reported being kicked due to inactivity while playing as more mobile heroes like Pharah. Blizzard has since addressed the issue. Here is their response to the forum thread that brought this glitch to their attention:

Definitely an unintended change. It was a new bug introduced as a result of us making some behind-the-scenes updates to our databases. 

We’ve recently pushed a fix to help address this (i.e. we rolled back the updates). If you see a bright yellow banner at the bottom of your screen saying a new patch is available, click that and your client should adopt said fix immediately. 

(Note: We’re still rolling this out to all players, so if you don’t see the banner right away, don’t worry! The change will also roll out automatically in a few hours. The optional patch is just to help reduce player interruption.)

Apologies for the momentary panic/concern/increased salt levels. =/

It seems that this Overwatch bug will be fixed soon, but until then, it might be safe to try to move around a bit every now and then, even if you aren’t actually AFK.

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Matthew Arrojas

Staff Writer

Just because I write about video games doesn't mean I'm very good at them. Unless it's Smash Bros. I'll wreck you in Smash Bros. I am also currently obsessed with Overwatch, so I'll wreck you in that too with Mercy.

  • Reptile

    They probably made the time checking function based on keyboard input, if someone is only using the mouse as the Bastion, he would not move, thus not pressing the keyboard keys.
    I wonder if you can bypass this by pressing an unbinded key often so that the function receives true and resets the counter. That is, if the function uses keyboard input and not position as a reference to check if the player is AFK.
    But it is pretty dumb to limit this time checking by keyboard only or the player position, specially on FPS because no matter how you try to design it to be “fast paced” there will always be people who camper, I think checking mouse movement would be the best option.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer used the rocking bird toy to repeatedly press the Y key?

    Modern gaming, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Scionyde

    Well, the way they *should* be playing Bastion is shifting position after every few kills so the enemy team is left guessing when moving to actively counter him. 😛

    But yeah, Blizzard needs to fix it… along with the headshot hitboxes, IMO.

  • Kev Lew

    well supported you can hold down a point with a bastion in a sniper roost for a long time, tactics vary with the team setup and familiarity.

  • It depends on if reinhardt is protecting you or not

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    The most hilarious thing about this article is that it’s not a Kekraptor article 😛