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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in industrial rock. Some of you might know Powerman 5000, an industrial band best known for kickstarting the industrial rock sound that also made Static-X a staple of the genre. Powerman 5000 have now claimed that part of the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV composed by Masayoshi Soken ripped off one of their songs.

The specific bit they claim stole their sound is the second part in the Sephirot boss battle theme in Final Fantasy XIV. Which sounds like this (thank you to YouTuber Mekkah Dee for isolating the music!)

Powerman 5000 posted in a status update that this piece of music was way too close to comfort from their 1999 song ‘When Worlds Collide’, which sounds a little like this:

Since Powerman 5000′ yesterday posted the accusation in a status update on Facebook, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida released a response refuting the band’s claims.

Industrial rock is a popular genre that can be further divided into numerous sub-genres. Countless songs from these genres have been released worldwide, and I have been made aware of an allegation regarding similarities between an existing track and the track created for the 2nd phase of Containment Bay S1T7. However, track composer Masayoshi Soken, has also stated to me that he was unaware of the track in question while working on this FINAL FANTASY track.

Quick Take

As someone who loves Powerman 5000 a decent amount (Static-X has always been my personal favorite), I don’t think I can agree with them here today. As far as I can hear, both tracks have a bog-standard structure found in many other industrial rock songs. Apart from the staples of the genre that make up the sound itself, The songs have completely different melodies and sections that all point towards the soundtrack being an original work through and through. Even if he was influenced by PM5K, that doesn’t automatically mean he stole from them.

Do you think that Powerman 5000’s claims are legitimate? Why do/don’t you agree with their accusation? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Einherjar

    Yeah, that resemblence is uncanny.
    Even down to its lyrical style.

  • Katrina Black

    I don’t think it was plagiarism. There are infinite groupings of musical notes, as there are infinite tropes that can be used in storytelling. Neil Gaiman wrote a story about a boy wizard with an owl years before JK Rowling did, but Rowling insists she was completely ignorant of Gaiman’s story.

    Likewise, I’ve written stories and found the exact same themes and tropes used in movies and anime years later.

    I think the likelihood of it being a coincidence is very high.

  • Great, now I remembered that Wayne Static passed away and now I’m said. I 100% blame the author for this. :<

  • Chris Anderson

    I miss him as well 🙁

  • Horkthane

    Yeah, it takes a while to get to the part they are complaining about, at about 5:40 of the video. But once you get there it’s pretty blatant. Sounds like a parody version.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Okay, from what I can hear the lyrics themselves aren’t at all similar (aside from a mention of worlds being involved); What Powerman 5000 is seeing is the lyrical form of the song following the same pattern of quiet low growl into scream into rocking out back into quiet low growl, with the appropriate musical accompaniments. What they’re claiming plagarism seems to be of the stylings of their song, rather than a direct copy- but that’s not plagarism; you can’t own the sound-form of a song, only your actual song. Unfortunately for the band, I have to side with XIV on this.

  • Bitterbear

    Metallica should have sued Capcom a long time ago.

  • Crizzyeyes

    And Bobby Prince too…

  • Jonbo298

    I can definitely hear a lot of overlap between the OST and P5000’s version. Maybe not outright plagiarism but it’s very similar at points in the OST.

  • Kev Lew

    I hear some similarities but music is a highly fluid entertainment medium with many tracks within a genre sharing generalised musical set-ups. I would say the artists were likely partial inspiration but there I even hear some marilyn manson tones in the FF14 track that were not in the artists.

  • I just cleared this run a few moments ago. The tracks are similar, but they’re nowhere near identical.