No Man’s Sky multiplayer is entering another beta, this time for the version of the game found on

The GOG version of No Man’s Sky has lagged behind in the recent updates to the game, only getting parts of the major No Man’s Sky Next update earlier this year, most notably the online multiplayer aspect that was much touted by Hello Games as a cornerstone of the update. GOG actually offered players refunds for the game, and Hello Games lead Sean Murray promised that the multiplayer would be released later this year, which with this announcement it has at least in part.

Now officially in beta, No Man’s Sky for GOG features a working version of the No Man’s Sky Next update, the fourth major update to the game since it’s launch in 2016. The update added in four player multiplayer, along with in-game avatars for the player’s space traveler, new camera angles and even re-tooled the game worlds and elements. Tons of options were also added, from ships to base crafting items, to even changing the look and design of the in-game planets. While most of the Next update had previously been available on GOG, multiplayer had not been until now.

“We’re happy to let you know the multiplayer mode for No Man’s Sky on GOG.COM has entered beta. It’s available now via GOG Galaxy on the “Experimental Multiplayer” beta branch and will be rolling out to everyone soon.” states a message on the games GOG homepage.

Hello Games also continues to update the game further with their promised community contributions, adding community research missions, new items for base customization, and other minor gameplay fixes. These community updates constantly tweak the game further for players and are always free.

No Man’s Sky is currently 50% off at GOG right now at $29.99, as a part of their Winter Sale. The game is also available on other platforms such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam.

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