Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios have teased a new project, named Satisfactory, via a teaser trailer.

The trailer depicts a lush natural world with alien vegetation, in which a creature strongly reminiscent of a lizard struggles to retrieve a piece of berry-like fruit from a plant. The fruit suddenly falls off its stalk, after which a dust cloud, accompanied by the sounds of machinery and an unknown shadow, passes by the creature. Finally, the game’s logo is displayed along with an invitation to sign up for alpha testing.

Coffee Stain Studios is playing its cards very close to its chest with this trailer, which contains little in the way of concrete details about the plot, setting or gameplay. Satisfactory does have an official Twitter account, on which Coffee Stain shares fans’ theories as to the nature of the game, as well as retweeting articles and speculation from the gaming press. As well as this, prospective players can check out the official Satisfactory website, on which Coffee Stain invites players to sign up for alpha testing. There’s also a Facebook page, and Coffee Stain will be posting updates on their Instagram account.

The alpha stage of the game is tentatively set to begin in May, although a series of messages around this date on the official website (“more like MAYbe”, “…actually I doubt it”) strongly suggest that this timeframe is subject to change. Coffee Stain themselves, via a press release, has declared the project to be “done when it’s done”, and that they’re willing to move the alpha date “if the game needs more love”. More details about Satisfactory are expected to emerge between now and the May alpha testing stage.

Coffee Stain Studios is a Swedish developer best known for comedy physics game Goat Simulator and the Sanctum series of first-person shooter tower defence titles. Since the success of Goat Simulator, Coffee Stain has also created a publishing arm, which will be publishing upcoming arcade shooter Huntdown.

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Joe Allen

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